Tri-County Soccer Club

Summer training



TCSC is offering extra training for its members


We will be offering the following:


Summer Training:  Consisting of 60 minutes of technical/tactical training and 60 minutes of small-sided games.  Our goalkeeper coach will be available and providing goal-tending  technical/tactical training during all sessions.


Small Group Training:  This training will consist of no more than 5 athletes per coach and allow the coach to focus on areas the athletes wish to improve.  Our goalkeeper coach will be on hand for small group training.


Speed and Agility training: This training will consist of exercises and drills designed to help our athletes become stronger, faster, and more explosive while improving their agility.


Summer Training  - Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays 5:15 PM - 7:15 PM June 20th - July 15th for $200 all 4 weeks or $50 a week.


Summer Training - Tuesdays and Thursday 5:15 PM - 7:15 PM - June 20th -July 15th for $150 all 4 weeks or 37.50 a week.


Small Group Training - Monday, Wednesday, Friday  $75 a week


Small Group Training - Tuesday and Thursday $50 a week


Speed and Agility Training - Monday, Wednesday, Fridays June 20th - July 15th for $150  all 4 weeks or 37.50 a week.


Speed and Agility Training - Tuesday and Thursday June 20th - July 15th for $125 all 4 weeks or 31.25 a week.



Contact:  Mohammad Fard (Director) at


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